Gewoontjes Stamps



TechniqueOffset on gummed non glossEdition ±90000Printed by Royal Joh. Enschedé

"Gewoontjes", a sheet with six international stamps for PostNL (Dutch Post)
As a winner of the Dutch Design Awards in 2017 I was granted a commission to design a set of six international stamps. I was asked to explore my own personal interests and fascinations. Marbles have always intrigued me as you can see in some of my Vlisco fabrics and my "Master Waster" book so the decision was easy. Marbles are really embedded in Dutch culture so it felt like a good subject for stamps. I also liked that stamps and marbles go together well in terms of ratio and even context (they both seem to end up in the same junk drawer somehow.) "Gewoontjes" is the Dutch name for the cheapest marbles available. You can buy them at the POSTNL webshop. Search for "collect-club". 

Some early sketches: