Title NOISEYear 2015Size 70cm x 100cmTechnique Silkscreen 4 colours (3 fluorescent and black) on 350 grms Trucard paperEdition 25 signed and numberedPrinted by Michiel Schuurman (assisted by Maurits Rozema)For saleSOLD OUT

The idea for this poster came from Viktor Hachmang. We had a talk about 'noise bands with their pedals on dirty carpets' one sunny afternoon in the summer in The Hague almost a year ago...

The pedal setup is that of Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon. I copied her exact set-up from fan photo's. It's supposedly from concerts around 2006. I wanted an authentic setup and I was a huge Sonic Youth fan back in the days when me and brother had some music ambitions of our own. The package of cigarettes and the rolling paper are referring to those times (Kim Gordon doesn't smoke I think).