The Arranging of Books

Title THE ARRANGING OF BOOKS BY COLORYear 2012Size 70cm x 50cmTechnique Silkscreen 1 colours + 2 iris printsEdition 100Commissioned by de Service GaragePrinted by Michiel Schuurman (assisted by Job Derksen)For sale 250 euroCollection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

I took a lot of risks designing this poster. First of all the two iris prints. In one of the pictures (the one with the drying rack) you can see the constant shifting of the colors. We had to somehow control that and Job Derksen was in charge of the colors and the inkbags this time. Thanks to him everything was under control.

The second risk I took was with the density of the raster on the black layer. Never before have I printed such tiny pixels. It worked out but only just.

If I'm totally honest I'm not hundred percent satisfied with the result. Somewhere in the progress I forgot to keep in mind that the colors would make the already dark black layer even darker. The result is a rather moody poster.

Don't get me wrong I still like it but it was not entirely intended. It made me realize how much I still have to learn and it also makes me quite curious what my work will look like in a few years.

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