Waxblock A1652 ‘Vagues’

Vlisco reference A_1652Market name Vagues (Benin, Togo), Waves (Ghana)Collection Q3_2013 Unseen / Reflexion OptiqueFirst launch Q3_2013Size Sold in 6 yard lenghts (5496mm x 1177mm)technique Waxblock batik + 2 coloursDesigned for Vlisco

update 03-12-2013:
Returned from my trip to Benin, Togo and Ghana! I had the best time and met great people.

I also learned that one of my dessins has been named on the markets of Benin and Togo. It's marketname is now 'VAGUES' (French for 'Waves').

Here's a photo of a Togolese senator wearing my dessin.

And the commercial: