Waxblock A2008 ‘Billes’

Designed for VLISCO Reference number A_2008 BILLESCollection Q3_2015 TellFirst launch Q3_2015Size Sold in 6 yard lenghts (5496mm x 1177mm)Technique Waxblock batik + 2 coloursIn collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Cooper Hewitt New York

A painting by Roy Lichtenstein was the inspiration for this fabric. The painting depicts a magnifying glass over a field of raster points. It's a small joke to all who know Roy's work. It's these raster points that play such an important role in his paintings and by magnifying them they suddenly become the subject of this painting.

Of course Roy didn't make the magnification very realistic and so that formed like a nice starting point for my fabric. What happens when a raster of transparent spheres magnify a raster? A simple approach with a nice optical outcome... of course I used an even smaller raster do make the realistic shading in the black drawing. So it's essentially a raster magnifying a raster shaded with a raster dawg!

The fabric is known as 'BILLES' or 'POPDOTS' on markets in West-Africa.